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Jamie Camacho

Licensee Salesperson

Jamie Camacho is a competent and enthusiastic realtor who offers a diverse set of skills to ensure an impeccable real estate experience.

As a devoted agent, he strives to build a reputation as trustworthy and knowledgeable along with providing honest counsel to his clients to help them make informed decisions. Born in Australia with a European background, Jamie moved to Christchurch 10 years ago. With a passion in photography, he develops customized marketing strategies for each property which consist of a powerful mix of elite media and high-quality photographs.

Jamie is a natural in this sector with fabulous customer service which keeps his clients loyal. He is an attentive and approachable agent with a passion in architecture and an eye for interior design.

He has an impressive aptitude and work ethic which enables him to obtain the desired outcome for his clients while also ensuring the process is stress free. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will appreciate his outstanding competence, reliability, and connections. 

Jamie knows that houses don’t sell houses; people do, so his attention, is on your intention.

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