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Mikaila Smith

Licensee Salesperson and Sales Associate to Desere Girdlestone

Originally from San Francisco, Mikaila has been in the real estate industry for over two years as a personal assistant and marketing manager. She knows the internal and external processes, giving her a holistic view of sales and the ability to make those tough decisions.

With a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a minor in Studio Art, Mikaila is both detail oriented and creative. Both of those attributes are her strengths which allows her to hone in on her critical thinking skills and ask clients those important questions on the fly. 

Mikaila travelled throughout Europe in 2019, a trip where she gained integral life experience and cultural knowledge, whilst simultaneously pursuing her freelance web design career delving into her creative passions. The experiences gained during her travels is exemplified through Mikailas intelligent and friendly disposition that facilitates her relationships with her clients. Whilst in Italy Mikaila met her Kiwi boyfriend in Italy which brought her to New Zealand in 2019.

Amongst the customer experience background, Mikaila helps train the incoming new salespeople alongside Desere. Being a Varsity Tennis Captain for 3 years at university helped define her leadership skills and passion to make meaningful relationships. 

During Mikaila's free time she likes to play tennis at Elmwood (on the Premier Team), try new restaurants, explore and travel.