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Selling Tips

Great preparation and great presentation will not only help you sell your home, they’ll help you sell your home for the best possible price.

From the moment a prospective purchaser pulls up outside your home you want it to be an exciting, positive experience. You want them picturing themselves living there and imagining the wonderful memories they could create, rather than worrying about the work that needs to be done or the research they need to do before they can put in an offer.

Canvas the area

Visit open homes in your area and check out the competition. What have other homeowners done to make their homes feel inviting and enticing? What were the negatives that jumped out at you the moment you arrived? Take the good points and implement them at your home, and make sure to avoid making the same mistakes you’ve seen on your travels.

Make it easy

The last thing you need when there is an interested party excited about owning your home is for them to run into unnecessary stumbling blocks. If you’ve had recent work done on your home, have your Code Compliance Certificates ready. If you have documentation from the EQC about the stability of your land, have copies prepared for prospective buyers to take away. The harder a purchaser has to work to own your home, the more likely they are to move onto the next proposition, so do anything you can to make the process a straightforward one.

Time it right

You’ll know what time of the day your home looks its best – when the sun is bathing the living areas in natural light, when the backyard is at its most peaceful, or when the traffic outside is at its quietest. When you’re chatting with your agent make sure you tell them when your home looks its most appealing so they can cater the open homes to suit.

Paint a picture

You want visitors to your open homes to start daydreaming about living in your home, so you need to give them a taste of what life could be like for them.If it’s cold outside, light the fire and create that warm, cosy ambience. If it’s hot and sunny, open the French doors and show-off the fabulous indoor/outdoor flow.Do whatever you can to help them get a glimpse of what they’ve been missing out on, and what they could have if they put in an offer.

Attention to detail

Spend some time on both the inside, and the outside of your home. Mow the lawns, tend the garden, dispose of any rubbish, and finish any minor jobs that can be easily dealt with. Inside, de-clutter your home to enhance the sense of space and make sure it smells fresh and clean. Interested buyers can be very inquisitive, so make sure you have working bulbs in all your lights, that taps don’t drip, and that all doors open and close properly. An excess of family snapshots can make it hard for potential purchasers to imagine themselves in your home, so consider taking down some of your photos. You never know when a prospective buyer could ask to view your home, so keep it as tidy as possible while you’re on the market to avoid that last minute scramble to make beds, clear dishes and vacuum floors.